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Meet the Grower: Mikey's Garden

One of the most amazing parts of being a grower and farmer in Central Texas is belonging to a tight knit community of fellow growers. Bradley and I are constantly inspired, encouraged, mentored, and uplifted by our fellow farmers and the ones that do this THE MOST are Melissa and Mikey from Hunt, TX. Whether you grown in soil or water, it's a passion, it's hard work, and it's real farming. We love Mikey's Garden and their delicious, fresh, living lettuce and greens. And they do something we can't do: grow lettuce every single week of the year!

Mikey's Garden is family-owned and operated in gorgeous Hunt, TX near the famous Crider's Rodeo & Dance Hall and not far from the banks of the majestic Guadalupe River. Melissa and Mike Maynard started Mikey's Garden in March 0f 2015. They currently use hydroponics as their primary growing method. With a 6000 square foot greenhouse they grow several varieties of lettuce, kale, arugula and many culinary herbs.

This is your home for the highest quality lettuces, herbs and arugula in the Texas Hill Country. Much like a traditional "bed" in a field, their lettuce is grown in troughs of water. Each trough is 4 ft. wide by 92 ft. long and 12 inch's deep. They use Styrofoam rafts that float on top of the water. Each of these rafts hold 36 plants. Nutrients are added to the water for perfect growing conditions and happy healthy plants. Because the roots remain intact and stay in water until they get to you, this lettuce is still LIVING giving you the most nutrients possible.

As soon as a crop is harvested it starts loosing nutrients. That produce you buy at the grocery store was picked between 2 weeks to 2 months before it makes into your basket. When you buy from us (and all of our partners) it was picked between hours and days before you get it. The freshest produce packs the most flavor and nutrition and it's our purpose and passion to provide that to our families and community.

If you would like to get your hands on some of this fresh living lettuce you can order it in your Hat & Heart Farm Fresh Bag for Friday pick-up. (We'll be launching a shop on the site soon for those of you not on the email list, launching soon!). As with everything we offer, quality and transparency is number one. If you ever have a question on the origins or how something is grown from seed to you hands, we invite you to ask. Know that there are real people, families and ingredients in everything we sell.

Although this short film is from a couple years ago, this is SUCH a great way to meet Melissa and Mike. Click the arrow to play! (about 4 min.)

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