What’s special about Hat & Heart's Farm Fresh Bags?

Hat & Heart Farm grows what we sell. This may seem obvious, but it’s actually become a common practice for farms to buy produce from other regions to offer a year long CSA or fill out a lean growing season. We get it: it’s tough to grow food in Texas. But when the farmer plays middle-man between you and your food, it takes you one step further away from the source. Here at Hat & Heart Farm, we believe you’ve joined our CSA because you have faith in our methods and you trust that our food is fresh, clean, and local. We rarely make exceptions, and will let you know if we include a treat in the produce bags that we didn’t grow (like lettuce year round, potatoes, and fruit). No matter what, we’ll keep you up to speed.

Working with the best.

As proud as we are to grow clean, fresh, local food we know we can't do it all. That's why we choose to work with the absolute best and most local producers and artisans for our add on offerings. Growers and makers all weave the same cloth of sustainable living. We think it's important to support and honor our fellow producers crafts. We personally know and vet every add-on artisan or grower and not only honor but also love their methods and practices. We offer our very own produce, eggs, pecans and pickles in pride of place next to these incredible and real products including bread, yogurt, vinegar, flowers, and soon to be coffee and cheese. We will add special guest add-on's like berries and peaches as they come into local season. Follow along each week as our offerings expand. Our standards are high so it often takes some time to find the next great maker. If you have a local business who might fit our culture around here, let us know!

Get to know your farmer, baker, and maker. 

We are honored to work with these people and so proud to share their life's work with you. Follow our blog as we feature each producer.

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